Romantics & Realists at Artexpo Las Vegas at Las Vegas Market

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At Las Vegas Market, tens of thousands of professional interior designers, architects, and gallery owners flock to the comprehensive furniture, home décor, and gift market for five days of on-the-ground shopping. Las Vegas Market’s FIRST LOOK program kicks off 2018 with new products, color trends and timely motifs—and Artexpo Las Vegas will feature hundreds of contemporary artists, galleries, and art publishers from across the globe, showcasing exciting original work in all four categories.

Here’s a look at works inspired by “Romantics & Realist” that can set your business apart from the rest. Romantics & Realist: Paint brands have released their top color picks for 2018, and the hues alternate between fiery red and watery blues to stately grays and atmospheric neutrals. Together, they recall the palettes of both Romantic and Realist painters.

Three Figure Study No. 23
Julie Schumer

Abstract shapes, line, and colors suddenly comprise a recognizable group of figures in Julie Schumer’s “Three Figure Study” series for Artexpo Las Vegas. Both are 30” x 22” original mixed media art on paper, natural frame with archival mounting behind glass.

Affection — “Meditation” series
David Schluss

Affection, from artist David Schluss’ “Meditation” series, is one of over 1,000 original pieces at Artexpo Las Vegas—the first and only contemporary fine art show at Las Vegas Market. See more of Schluss’ amazing work at Smart Publishing.

Summer Song #1
Liz Barber

Bringing a vibrant and diverse fine art offering to Las Vegas Market for the first time, Artexpo Las Vegas offers a sensory experience of color and mood, such as in Summer Song #1 by Liz Barber of Pippin Contemporary.


Elvis & Marilyn
Sveta Esser

Elvis and Marilyn, originals on canvas from Sveta Esser’s “Pixelism” series, are a symphony of contemporary colors on exhibit at ADC Fine Art. Artexpo Las Vegas makes hidden gems a whole lot easier to find.

You can let the search for that “it” artist or “just-right” piece take you far and wide or straight to the new insider source for contemporary fine art. See you at Artexpo Las Vegas in Pavilions 2 at Las Vegas Market Jan. 28–31, 2018!

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