9 Hidden Gems on the Artexpo Las Vegas Show Schedule

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Monumental kinetic sculpture at play. Cocktail parties with DJs spinning. Cutting-edge art and design seminars. Graffiti wars. Live demos. And above all, extraordinary art. Artexpo Las Vegas is more than just an exhibition—it’s a fine art experience.

In just a few days, the doors will open to Pavilion 2 at Las Vegas Market, where you—along with tens of thousands of art and design lovers from around the world—will have the opportunity to:

  • See thousands of pieces of original high-end art from more than 50 international artists and galleries;
  • Get up close an personal with the artistic process during nearly 40 Meet the Artist events and 13 live art demonstrations;
  • Expand your knowledge base during nine cutting-edge Topics & Trends seminars; and
  • Build your network at booths and during special events, including the Opening Day Reception, Buyer’s Morning Grab & Go, the Pavilions Afternoon Bars, and Art After Dark.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the things to see and do, here’s a cheat sheet to nine can’t-miss events on the show schedule.

10 by Angela Gebhardt

Meet the Artists: Kris & Angela Gebhardt
11 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 28
Gebhardt Gallery & Studio, Booth 314
Come meet Kris and Angela Gebhardt, two artists inspired by and influencing each other. Comprising large-format contemporary works, the Gebhardts’ collective body of work expresses strength and beauty. But it’s not sugarcoated. It’s knocked around a bit just like life. They paint a lot of reality on their canvases. Even in its roughest form, you can still see the integration of strength and beauty. Stop by and see what they are up to.

Meet the Artist & Live Demonstration: Jocelyn Cruz
1 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 28
Lighthouse Art & Design, Booth 307
Jocelyn Cruz is a storyteller specializing in mixed media art. Her pieces are full of colors, textures, and artifacts—designed to create spaces that bring lighthearted moments to the viewer. Discover something new in her work each time you approach it, the layers revealing reclaimed objects, messages, color depth, and the passion of her creativity. Backgrounds, foregrounds, honoring memories, and more, all add intriguing effects with the intention of the artwork becoming the focal point of the room.

Opening Day Reception
4–6 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 28
Be among the first to view thousands of stunning originals worthy of high-end resale and the approval of your most discerning clientele while you sip a glass of wine, nibble on hors d’oeuvres, and groove to the hottest tracks from Las Vegas’ DJ Don Wellington.

“Safari” by Fred Prescott

Moving Steel: Kinetic Sculpture by Fredrick Prescott
9 a.m. Monday, Jan. 29
Front Entrance
Step into an animated collection of kinetic sculpture by renowned artist Fredrick Prescott. Life and art join to reveal a dynamic partnership in every piece—the joy and animation simultaneously evoking the natural world and its imaginary counterpart. With movement lending a lifelike quality to these ultracontemporary sculptures, Prescott could be the answer to your client’s next art acquisition.

Meet the Artist & Live Demonstration: Taylor Reinhold
2 p.m. Monday, Jan. 29
Taylor Reinhold Studio, Booth 342
On the cusp of the avant-garde—and yet very familiar. Graffiti—but more minimalist and abstract. Taylor Reinhold is a conundrum of creativity, always creating, always evolving and emerging. He could be the next Mr. Brainwash or the next Banksy. You decide. He describes his art as “a warm breeze on a summer night in the tropics. A vibrant journey that radiates love and community through adventures around the world. My art is a cross-cultural representation of the idea of one universal love and the balance of nature.” Come meet Reinhold and see where his art takes you.

Art After Dark
6–8 p.m. Monday, Jan. 29
Don’t miss Art After Dark, a special late-night evening featuring fine art, complimentary cocktails, and live demonstrations by renowned artists that coincides with Las Vegas Market’s Cash & Carry Shopping Spree in all of Pavilion 2.

“Brown Serpentine” by Gedion Nyanhongo

Meet the Artist: Paul Brandejs
12 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 30
Paul Brandejs Studio, Booth 220
Meet photographer and abstract artist Paul Brandejs and learn how his art develops out of intrigue by the moon, the night sky, shadows, or the fluid motion of water. He looks through the lens of a camera for the abstract in nature and creates unique works by blending the precision of digital photography with the unpredictability and fluidity of paint. His work with fine art photography, acrylic paint, and sculpted canvases will fascinate you.

Meet the Artist: Gedion Nyanhongo
5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 30
Gedion Galleries, Booth 418
Gedion Nyanhongo’s sculptures are created with the traditional values of his native Shona culture: the importance of community, positive and respectful human relationships, and the sacredness of life. Using stones imported from Zimbabwe, Nyanhongo creates his sculptures with the intention that they will outlive the political regimes that threaten community, family, and individual rights. His sculptures focus on the things that collectively make up the bigger picture: life, love, and the sensations that define us all. His works have been showcased in solo and group exhibitions and reside in private and public collections around the world. Where will you showcase one of his pieces?

Brigitte Polemis

“Air Octahedron” by Brigitte Polemis

Meet the Artist & Live Demonstration: Brigette Polemis
1 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 31
Box 22 Art Space, Booth 321
After a career that began in New York’s textile and fashion commercial market, Brigitte Polemis’ artistic passion turned from art on textiles to art on canvas. Continuing to evolve her interest and explorations over the years, she began to experiment with photography and digital art—and a whole new world of creativity opened and took her in a new direction. Today, her artistic expression enfolds the entire perspective of her career: digital art, ink print on cardboard, multiple layers to achieve 3-D results, along with oil paint on cardboard framed in a perspex box. Need that unique finishing touch for a room? Want a showstopper piece? Come meet Polemis and see why designers and curators the world over are talking about her collections.

Exclusively for those who purchase art professionally, Artexpo Las Vegas brings contemporary talent and industry tastemakers together without distraction, making your hidden gem a whole lot easier to find. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the trends that are influencing consumer purchases, discover new ways to grow your business, and enjoy the ultimate shopping experience in one of the world’s most exciting cities.

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