Asked and Answered: Artexpo Las Vegas Artist Q-and-As

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Have you ever been stopped cold by a piece of art and wondered about the artist, where they draw inspiration from, and their intention? Design-industry mecca Las Vegas Market is offering a focused look at several cutting-edge artists who will be presenting their original art at Artexpo Las Vegas, the only contemporary fine art show dedicated to those who view art as a builder of business.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some of the artists and their work, their processes, which artists they admire, and what a typical day looks like in the studio.

Aleta Pippin
Pippin Contemporary

What are three things that have inspired you in the past year?
I’m always experimenting and this past year I’m using the method of spinning for some pieces. In addition to spinning acrylic paint on panels, I’ve been spinning colored resin on round panels, some with gold-metal leaf or copper leaf as the base. Given that colored resin can be very translucent, light reflects through the depths of color.

Returned to working with acrylic (I switch between oil and acrylic paint) this year. Have been inspired by different methods of using the paint including energetic splashes of color.

Painting on round panels has been enjoyable. Really just getting started with this format and excited to see where it will lead. Recently ordered round panels out of aluminum. I always enjoy painting on metal.

Aglow by Aleta Pippin


Angela Gebhardt
Gebhardt Studios

Why should original art be available in every home furnishing store and studio?
Original art adds an emotional element to each living space. Original art often has a unique story behind it as for the artist and how the piece was created. When planning a room’s design, an original piece of art is often the most important aspect of the space to make the space speak to you. I think original art should be available in fine furnishing stores and studios because it adds value to the furnishings as well as the store’s space. I feel the furnishings should be planned around the piece or pieces of original art as it is the thing that adds the most uniqueness to the space that you are creating to live in.

If you had to describe your art to someone who can not see it what would you say?
My pieces are unique in the fact that they are large scale and may take me weeks to months to complete. My pieces are multi-layered and textured, almost like a sculpture. Each piece has a unique feel to it. Most of them are soothing to look at.

10 by Angela Gebhardt

Kris Gebhardt
Gebhardt Studios

Who do you visualize as the end consumer? What is he/she like?

I know my collectors. They are people who have concurred, trailblazed, started, and built businesses. They’re risk takers, achievers.

My art pieces are “statements” that my collectors relate to. I only pursue selling my art to this type of collector.

Why did you want to be part of Artexpo?

Artexpo New York, and New York in general, is a great market for my work. I think Artexpo Las Vegas will be as well.

What cultural factors do you see as important to the art category in 2018?

Being an artist is a legitimate occupation. Art is a real “needed” product and service. Society needs to quit viewing art and artists as social entitlements. Artists need to invest in their art careers like any business and quit looking for handouts and subsidies. If they treat their art like a business others will, too. Art needs stand on it own two feet.

Kris Gebhardt


To read the full Q-and-As, visit the Las Vegas Market blog

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