Asked and Answered Part II: Artexpo Las Vegas Artist Q-and-As

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Have you ever been stopped cold by a piece of art and wondered about the artist, where they draw inspiration from, and their intention? Design-industry mecca Las Vegas Market is offering a focused look at several cutting-edge artists who will be presenting their original art at Artexpo Las Vegas, the only contemporary fine art show dedicated to those who view art as a builder of business.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some of the artists and their work, their processes, which artists they admire, and what a typical day looks like in the studio.

Jeffrey Bisaillon
JBIS Contemporary Fine Art

If you had to describe your art to someone who cannot see it, what would you say?

I have painted in many genres through the years, but my main focus lately has been on my “Modern Visage” series. I started the series doing cutouts of famous people that had a huge impact on society, then I branched out and started doing iconic brands. If I had to describe one of the paintings to someone, I would ask them to think of one of their favorite things or people in life and then imagine that image in front of them and to try and stick your hand out and touch the image. Then imagine that your hand goes past the plane that you think the image is on, and as you go past, imagine the image being surrounded by all of these bright beautiful colors.

Describe your day when you are creating a new work.

It depends on what series I am working on. If it is my “Modern Simplicity” or “Modern Visage” series, there are several days of construction to produce the pieces, then several days of extreme sanding to get them ready to paint. I am always relieved and excited to get to the painting of each piece. If it is “Abstracts” I am working on, I will decide on which colors I want to work with that day and start to paint and let each piece evolve on its own.

Why did you want to be part of Artexpo?

Redwood Media Group always does an amazing job putting together shows. I love working with them and their team. When I heard that they wanted to do it in conjunction with the Las Vegas Market, I thought, ‘Yes, what a great idea! I have to be there.’


Prince John Landrum Bryant
Prince John Landrum Bryant Studio

Who do you visualize as the end consumer? What is he/she like?

My end consumer is the individual who is touched somehow by a creation of mine and makes it their own and brings it into their daily life. They have an inchoate dissatisfaction with what seems to please everyone else.

What cultural factors do you see as important to the art category in 2018?

Thinking of the art category as part of this imaginative show, the individual artists must hold onto their gift of creativity, separating it from the commonplace use of creativity in today’s vocabulary used to describe the simplest act.

The artist is something different: never satisfied, never repetitive, always open, and never, never feeling superior to others who have other gifts. One can dress, speak, or behave like what the world thinks is an artist. But that is far from the reality of the solitude and introspection of the artistic temperament.



Taylor Reinhold

Taylor Reinhold Studio

Why should original art be available in every home furnishings store or studio?

The energy going into a piece of original art transforms peoples living habits. Humans are hardwired to appreciate art it is a part of our natural evolution.

What are your favorite attractions in Las Vegas?

The O Show and Carrot Top.

To read the full Q-and-As, visit the Las Vegas Market blog.

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