BlinkGroup Gallery – Danilo Vinardell

Born in Santiago de Cuba (Cuba) in 1977, Danilo Vinardell studied Visual Arts at the Escuela Vocacional de Artes (Santiago de Cuba), Academia de Artes Plásticas (Santiago de Cuba) and the [...]

Soemo Fine Arts

Soemo Fine Arts was established by Dutchman Jareth Soemodihardjo and is operated in co-operation with individuals based in both China and the West. We are devoted to presenting the works of a [...]

B. Roberts

Bethany Robert is a mixed-media painter based in Los Angeles. Her style is a mix of contemporary, urban and abstract. She loves working with striking color palettes and texture. She designs wall [...]

Taylor Reinhold

Taylor Reinhold is a Santa Cruz street art muralist who began his business through California’s festival culture. His innovative art pushes the limits of what can be done with a spray can. [...]

Bass Studio

Teresa Bass believes ‘God created so many people for us to all meet.’ Her journey began in 1960 in a tumultuous home in Detroit… and by 1974 she left home. In 1977, having no [...]

Anita Lewis Art

As an American abstract artist in the San Diego area, Anita Lewis’ work emulates her international heritage with love of modern design with natural influences. Born in Los Angeles, she grew up [...]

Sean Keith

SEAN KEITH IS AN AMERICAN BORN ARTIST. Originally from Minnesota, but raised in Las Vegas. Art has been a part of his life and a true passion since he can remember. But only up until a few years [...]

Musings Fine Art – Veronica Schmitt

French artist, Veronica Schmitt, was born in Paris where she completed a master degree in art at Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts. Formerly an illustrator and graphic designer, Veronica [...]

Datg Concept – Andres Celis

Born in Caracas in 1969, Andrés Celis Ossott has devoted himself to art since 2007. His art form is self-taught and has been developed based on color, shape, and recycling. It has the virtue of [...]

Datg Concept – Luca Digiacomo

Born in 1988 in Caracas, Venezuela, Luca Di Giacomo grew up surrounded by art. Influenced by his mother, Assunta Di Giovanni, who is a renowned watercolor artist, he developed an acute and [...]