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2018 Spotlight Galleries & Artists

Our 2018 Spotlight Galleries & Artists have been posted. Find out more about them below!

Jen Tough Gallery | Benicia, California | Booth 221

Jen Tough Gallery is a contemporary gallery and art consultancy located in the Bay Area of California. Formed in late 2016 by Jen Tough, who has a bachelor’s in fine arts and is the former art director for Urban Outfitters, Warner Bros. Records, and numerous national magazines, the gallery focuses on both emerging and nationally recognized artists.

Gallery programming for 2018 includes an ambitious exhibition schedule comprised of solo shows rotating every one or two weeks, multiple art fairs, and the management of Opus, an art collective for independent artists. Now located in the heart of the Benicia Arts District or “BAD” (a former military arsenal with a rich artistic history), the gallery is poised to embrace more experimental and challenging work in the years ahead.

Contact: Jen Tough

Jen Tough Gallery Artists

Gina Tuzzi

My Love Bearing The Weight Of My Spiritual Armor, 22×32, oil on panel, 2016
Penetration, 14 x 20, mixed media on paper, 2016

Gina Tuzzi was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Humboldt State University and a Master of Fine Arts from Mills College. She is a 2007 recipient of the Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship and a SECA nominee. She currently lives and works in Arcata, California.

Gina Tuzzi
Gina Tuzzi
Sara Post

Ghost Rain, 30 x 30, oil on panel, 2017

Sara Post’s paintings explore complex, sometimes contradictory worlds. Personal experiences of nature and culture are represented in color-drenched layers of loose geometry and freely drawn lines. Her materials range from oil paint and pigment sticks mixed with wax and solvents to more unorthodox combinations of charcoal, sand, and cement, describing the ethereal in concrete terms. A lifelong artist, her work transitioned from ceramics to painting after a printmaking residency in Italy in 2007. She began working with oil and cold wax mixed media in 2010 and has continued ever since.

Sara Post
Ghost Rain, 30 x 30, oil on panel, 2017
Mark Eanes

Red Loop, 36×36, mixed media on panel, 2016

Mark Eanes is a professor at California College of the Arts and an avid drawer and photographer. His collages and paintings have been in numerous exhibitions and publications, including solo and small group shows. In his own words: “The act of creating small, intimate collages is one the purest forms of contemplation I know. To be surrounded by a multitude of colorful scraps of this and that, of these and those…”

Mark Eanes
Red Loop, 36x36, mixed media on panel, 2016
Jenny Phillips

Blond Wisp 2, 20 x 20, encaustic on cradled panel, 2017
Threadline #7, 12×30, encaustic on cradled panel, 2017

Jenny Phillips is a San Francisco-based artist. She uses paper, wax, watercolor, oil, graphite, and other media to explore the interplay between linework, surface, and texture. Influenced by shapes and patterns found in nature, she creates subtle and meditative artworks, focusing on the evocation of mood rather than the depiction of form. She strives for an austere beauty, achieved through the use of a restrained vocabulary.

Jenny Phillips
Susan Stover

Wall Bumps, various sizes (6×6” to 5×12”), mixed media encaustic on wooden constructs, 2016

Susan Stover received a Master of Fine Arts from California College of Art in Oakland and a Bachelor of Fine Art from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, with both degrees concentrating in a combination of textiles and painting. Known for her encaustic works, she teaches workshops nationally and internationally. Her paintings are in many private collections and numerous national publications.

Susan Stover
Wall Bumps, various sizes (6x6” to 5x12”), mixed media encaustic on wooden constructs, 2016
Michael Shemchuk (“Shem”)

Tags 0317, 36×36, mixed media on cradled panel, 2016

Having a long history in the arts in San Francisco, Michael Shemchuk (or “Shem” as he prefers to be called) began as a photographer and occasional performance artist, including a 20-year photography project that is now being turned into a book. Shem’s work now focuses on gorgeous, rich, and layered collages that include playful color and shapes along with his signature timeworn surfaces. Shem lives and works in the Bay Area and is widely collected and nationally recognized.

Michael Shemchuk
Tags 0317, 36x36, mixed media on cradled panel, 2016

Gol Art Gallery & Publishing | Las Vegas and Israel | Booth 315

Gol Art Gallery & Publishing (formerly known as Yosi Gol Art Gallery & Publishing) is a family-owned business that has been around for 35 years. The gallery participates in art exhibitions all over the world, including cruise lines, auctions, and art galleries. Its mission is to provide the finest selection of fine arts for everyone and believes that art must be delivered at the highest level of customer service, quality, and value. Everyone should be able to afford and enjoy art.

As a leading online retailer, publisher, and wholesaler of fine art, Gol Art Gallery & Publishing offers hundreds of the finest paintings, sculptures, and collectibles. The selection includes works by well-known artists such as Patricia Govezensky, Salvador Dali, Alexander Astahov, Eugene Poliarush, Sergey Goncharenko, Vera V. Goncharenko, and many others. Most notably, the gallery features an authentic graphic selection of the artist Salvador Dali. The prints are 100 percent authentic from the Albert Fields catalog, The Official Catalog of the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali, and include certificates of authenticity by Frank Hunter. Hunter’s certificates are known to be the most valuable certification for Salvador Dali’s works. A certificate of authenticity from the publisher will come with every purchase.

Gol Art Gallery & Publishing welcomes first-time buyers and collectors. Specializing in interior design, Gol Art Gallery & Publishing can help you choose art that will fit your needs. For collectors, the gallery offers the finest certification for every piece of art, for the best price in the market.

Contact: Din Gol

Gol Art Gallery & Publishing Artists

Patricia Govezensky

Patricia Govezensky was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1961 and was raised in Jaffa, a picturesque quarter known for being the site of the oldest port in the world. Govezensky was educated and raised in Israel where she studied art. At a young age, she enrolled in courses sponsored by the Tel Aviv Museum, where she mastered such arts as lithography, engraving, photography, and sculpture. She graduated with distinction in her art studies at the Avni Institute and the Art Academy at Ramat Hasharon. These two institutes are among the most highly regarded and well-known art academies in Israel.

A sensitive artist, Govezensky brings to her canvas the immortal effeminate woman. She invites us to share the public intimacy of an informal French cafe and the euphoric mystery of a woman’s room. The images, which she presents, are anonymous and therefore transcend all specific consideration of time or place, which places her work in the universal setting and justifies her worldwide success.

Govezensky once said: “For me, painting is a means through which I find expression of life’s joy and fulfillment, and I believe art, more than merely being a means of expression itself, also serves as a medium to help us to make peace with our lives through positive and enthusiastic sentiments and regard for the brighter aspects of our existence, escaping form protest, cynicism, and selfishness.”

Patricia Govezensky
Patricia Govezensky - Lady In Blue III, 27" x 40'', Mixed Media
Nastya Rovenskaya

Nastya Rovenskaya was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 1976. A master of pop and street art, Rovenskaya is one of the most innovative and exciting artists on the international stage.

Rovenskaya started as an artist at an early age. During her studies, she developed her passion for history, and one subject caught her attention the most: the post-Soviet graffiti movement. In the late Soviet period, the subculture youth of Russia used graffiti as a rebellious medium to express their ideology. Graffiti artists attempted to infiltrate the government-controlled public with expressions of love, peace signs, and quotes using chalk, oil paint, and spray paint. These graffiti were bonded to the city of Saint Petersburg and became one of the world’s most famous symbols of rebellion.

Dropping from high school because of a financial burden allowed her to devote her time to writing songs and poems. She worked as a freelancer for local musicians and was influenced by different cultures with her words of love and freedom. Rebellious in nature, Rovenskaya decided to combine her passions for street art and music. She constructed a unique technique of pop art using free brush strokes with acrylic and oil paints, defining her worldwide.

Nastya Rovenskaya

Brigitte Polemis | Athens, Greece | Booth 321

After a career that began in New York’s textile and fashion commercial market, Brigitte Polemis’ artistic passion turned from art on textiles to art on canvas. Continuing to evolve her interest and explorations over the years, she began to experiment with photography and digital art—and a whole new world of creativity opened and took her in a new direction. Today, her artistic expression enfolds the entire perspective of her career: digital art, ink print on cardboard, multiple layers to achieve 3-D results, along with oil paint on cardboard framed in a perspex box.

Polemis develops her art to catch the eye of the viewer, with the intention of speaking directly to the heart and to the mind. Her inspiration comes from observing society—and her ability to connect with people to create art that hopes to give answers to today’s struggles.

Born in Damascus, Syria, to a Lebanese father and a Polish mother, she grew up in a totalitarian communist regime in Poland and later moved to a military dictatorship in North Cyprus. This early influence, along with her focused interest in exploring all facets of fine arts, have given Polemis what she refers to as “an inverted experience from the comfort that my peers in Western Europe and North America enjoyed for decades, drawn from my own experience and my ability to relate, through my artwork, to the struggles that the younger generation faces. At the same time, my minimal aesthetics of color, line, form, and composition aim to leave the viewer with a sense of hope and optimism that the challenge we all face is just another storm that will pass.”

With exhibitions throughout Europe, England and the U.S., this award-winning artist strives to awake us with her creativity, innovative use of materials and color, and clear perspective and messaging.

Contact: Sissi Chlomisiou

Taylor Reinhold | Santa Cruz, California | Booth 342

Taylor Reinhold is a Santa Cruz street art muralist who began his business through California’s festival culture. His innovative art pushes the limits of what can be done with a spray can. Reinhold creates cohesive paintings and murals around the world using relevant symbolism and native species. His use of bright, vibrant, contrasting, colors and indigenous patterns along with a unique approach, innovative, funky, and fresh new material makes his art appreciated by a wide range of collectors.

Reinhold was born and raised in Santa Cruz, his early years in Soquel, later graduating from Santa Cruz High. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Santa Clara University, and he then returned home to Santa Cruz. It was then that his art began to blossom. In 2009, Reinhold created Made Fresh Crew, a collective of artisans ranging in talents from pottery, glass blowing, videography, painting, and jewelry making. Since then, he has been working to promote creativity among youth through artistic community outreach projects. He has organized and led workshops in nonprofit organizations such as Youth Now, Mariposa Arts, and the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.

In 2015, Reinhold spent five months traveling across Latin America, trading mural painting for food and housing. For the past three summers, he has been creating mural installations at over 10 West Coast music festivals. He has an unrelenting passion for creating art and beautifying public space.

Currently, Reinhold balances his festival projects with international commissions and growing U.S.-based private sector clients. In 2017, Reinhold teamed up with Merge4 in an apparel licensing agreement. The first products have been released with more to come.

Contact: Taylor Reinhold

Erin Hanson

Erin Hanson Fine Art, Booth 200

Erin Hanson is a lifelong painter, having begun her study of oils as a young child. Born in Portland, Oregon, in 1981, Erin Hanson was raised in a family of Boy Scouts in Southern California’s Mojave Desert, and camping in the beautiful surrounding landscapes was a staple of her youth. In elementary school, Hanson painted across many mediums, including pastels, murals, oils, and watercolor. At the age of 16, she was accepted into a special scholarship program at the Otis College of Art and Design.

Taking pause from her artistic passion to pursue her ongoing fascination with the world of science, Hanson graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Bioengineering in 2003. Clearly armed with the grit and determination to take on any ambition, Hanson reconnected with the world of art through her love of nature and adventure. Immersing herself in the red rock of Nevada and exploring the rugged terrain of the west reinvigorated her desire to recreate the beautiful sites with powerful oil paintings.

Through her many travels—photo safaris, backpacking expeditions, and rock climbing trips alike—Hanson has been inspired to transform vistas familiar and rare into stunning interpretations of bold color, playful rhythms, and raw emotional impact. Her unique painting style has become known as Open Impressionism, with hundreds of collectors spanning the globe eagerly anticipating her work. As an iconic, driving force in the rebirth of contemporary impressionism, Hanson is quickly recognized as a prolific, modern master.

Spotlight Program
Erin Hanson | "Into the Woods" | Oil on Canvas | 40" x 40"

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